About Revd Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards has been a presbyter in the Methodist Church since 1984 serving in five circuits. Now retired from full-time ministry, Peter continues to work part-time at Methodist Central Hall Westminsterheading up healing ministry. 

Since 2001, along with his wife Rita, he has shared in setting up healing ministry in a number of circuits and churches,and together they headed up The Healing Touch at Easter People Scarborough for 6 years.

Peter has written a book about healing ministry, The Healing Touch of Godpublished in 2011which demonstrates how healing prayer ministry is fundamental and integral to the life and ministry of every church, including those in the Methodist Church, which Peter knows best. The book has provided the basis for this course, Healing Ministry Explored, which is designed to enable churches of every tradition to discover for themselves how healing ministry can and should be integral to their life and how it can become a vital tool in mission and evangelism.

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